Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is life over?

Mamma's Reflections

Fall has arrived. And our front yard has been dressed with fall flowers and a white pumpkin. I love Fall and everything about it. The colors, the clothes and the smell. Here is the US, especially, Fall is magical! I love that everything is pumpkin and cinnamon.
With the arrival of Fall, new thoughts have also come into my life. Mostly about a new challenge. Here it goes!
I am a very ambitious woman. Motherhood is my biggest challenge yet. Ambitions and motherhood seem to be an oxymoron, and every day is a struggle to find the balance. So I began to ask myself, can you be ambitous and a great mom at the same time? As always, I set myself up to prove that YES!, it is possible. However, the reality is quite different, and although I have yet to reach the proven conclusion, I feel the path towards achieving my ambitions is going to be rough.
Maybe not all of you feel the same way, but many are the times that plans, projects, ideas and actions must take the back seat because....I need to pump, or I need to go home for a feeding and don't want to waste a perfectly stored freezer bottle, or I just want to go to sleep. Many are the times where I appear at a meeting perfectly composed, while my mind is spinning because I am calculating every second before the next pumping session. Many times, I set appointment pretending that my schedule is wide open and ready to accommodate clients needs while in reality I die inside at the thought of having to rush everything so to pump in the car. Many times I stand tall next to my male coworkers so to appear in control, ready for the action, while I would love to crawl in a corner and take a nap. So, when it comes to ambitions, every single extra step, sacrifice, schedule adjustment counts toward reaching my goals. The killer? Have no sympathy from fellow women. I don't pretend much. Just the usual common courtesy would suffice. Instead, motherhood has opened my eyes to the true nature of those around me, especially in the professional world. Believe me, I am not trying to criticize anyone, but once I have become a mother, it is as if I was automatically placed in a different category. One that can be easily forgotten. And so, I keep going on. On my path towards achieving my goals. The kicker? Since Maya has entered my life, the blessing shave been falling on me left and right. Doors have been opened, and opportunities have come my way. Bringing a child to this world has proven to be a service to humanity, and I am convinced that the blessings I am given are a direct result of responsibility of nurturing a soul. 
Therefore, life is NOT over. It has just changed. and it is heading in a new direction. Adjustments are part of the process.

What it is new with Baby Maya?

Maya is almost 9 months and growing at a speed that shocks us every day. We have a little soon to be 9 month old going on 20. She is wearing clothes fit for a 12 month old. Her feet are fitting sizes for 18 month olds, and her head....well...99 percentile should tell you all about it!
I think we have a a giant in the making. Which is pretty cool, if you ask me!
She can be the tallest president of the US (can you see Mamma's ambitions?)

What's cooking?

It has been fun cooking these days. I get to experiment baby food! So far Maya has not rejected anything we have placed in front of her. Not even a lime! In fact she loved licking a lime. If she could she would eat steak.

So I have been making a lot of veggies.
And experimeting with Pinterest recipes fit for a mother with no time...
See?? Pumpkin Spice muffins with only TWO ingredients.

Happy Parenting!

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