Monday, July 30, 2012

Mamma at Work

Mondays are always hard. After a weekend of cuddles, smiles, funny noises and lots of hugs, going to work is like the biggest mood killer of all times. The end of the weekend is all about prepping for the week to come.

  {last week was carrots week}

 Maya has been in day care for almost three weeks. The first day, I cried the entire day. The feeling of guilt was so overwhelming. I could not believe that someone else was going to care for Maya. The overprotective mother in me was coming out full force and there was no stopping her. However, I started to process the reason for daycare. It is not only so that I can work. Although painfully challenging, I owe it to Maya. I did not become a lawyer for my own sake. I did not sacrifice years of studying just to have a career. I did it for with the intent to provide for my future family. I did it to be an educated mother. I did it for Maya. And so....daycare became less painful. Now, almost three weeks later, the days always begin with the same routine.

6.30am I wake up with the hope that she does not so that I have enough time to get ready. I am not always lucky, as I will have two huge eyes staring at me. I end up entertaining her with one arm while trying to fit into work clothes with the other. Then is run, run, run after that. Run to eat breakfast. Run to gathering everything, run to the bathroom (while singing so that Maya knows that I didn't just abandon her), and the run out of door.
The ride to daycare is our prayer time. We say prayer to start the day. and then it is goodbye time, and work begins.
How was your first day care experience? How did you prepare for it?

Happy Monday!

Mamma Says: want to avoid rushing in the morning. Prep everything the night before. Everything! I lay out every single bag, shoe and key I need to pick up with one hand (while I hold Maya). I also ask Eric (Dad) to bring to the car my pump when he less thing to carry!

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