Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mamma Pumped out!

Tuesday was one of those nightmare days for any mom that nurses and pumps! Since the birth of Maya, I had to get used to my breast pump being attached to my hip wherever I go. I am sure you have seen it of these...

It has become my frenemy! I am not sure whether I should be thankful for such an invention or whether I should give in to the strong desire to smack it against the wall. Regardless, every day, packing the breast pump, is just another routine thing I do. So on Tuesday, while at WORK, it is time to pump. I have exactly 10 minutes. I plug it in and....nothing! No suction. WHAT!??? I check everything. The connection, the suction cups, the bottles, the plus...still no suction. It was as if it was laughing in my face, while the clock was ticking. I look at it closing and I see that one of the plastic flaps had torn! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now what? I panicked. Panicked. I started sweating and all I could think of was that Maya would not have milk the next day. So I packed everything, intercomed my boss and asked if I could go home because of an emergency and that I would have worked from home. Thank God for the best boss ever!  What would you have done if you could not have left work?
I ran home, changed the plastic flap and, lo and behold, "Houston we have suction!" Pfiuuuu!
Lesson learned!

Mamma's Tip: Bring spare parts with you at all time when dealing with electronics on which you depend!!

Medela Breast Pump review: although I have a love/hate relationship, the pump has turned out to be quite good. It better, right? since it costs $300. Nevertheless, it is a good product. It carries like a work bag and no one knows that I carry a breast pump with me. It is fairly roomy so I can also carry in it my wallet, keys and cell. If you buy it at Babies R Us, you can use the coupons that they have and save a whole bunch. Mine, with all the coupons, came down to $160. Anyway, I give it four stars! Happy pumping!

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