Saturday, August 11, 2012

7:20am. Saturday.

It is 9.30pm and it feels as if it is midnight. Baby and dad are sleeping and I am watching TV. Time for myself? Kind of. My mind cannot relax as I try to find the last ounce of energy to complete one more task for the day. The problem? There are too many tasks that need completion. So, I can predict that I will just lie on the couch and let the tiredness take over until bed time. Nevertheless, my Saturday was filled with chores and many completed task....and even a nice break...with cappuccino!

{This is actually made with Almond Milk, as I am off dairy for a while...delish nonetheless!)

After waking up at 7:20, after cleaning up, fixing the curtains, organizing my jewelry closet, and having breakfast, Eric went to Costco and Maya and I started walking towards Panera to meet with some friends. It took us 40 minutes to get there (in time for Eric to come back from Cotsco and meet us there). It was hot. But it was a great walk. By 11.45 we were home. Maya was sleepy and fell asleep for two hours...hence my cappuccino break above. 
Oh ya! Lunch was awesome too. I made this

{Grilled salmon salad with nectarines. Balsamic vinegar and Ezekiel bread}

Once awake it was time to get ready for a bday party!

{Maya with her curiosity look at the bday party in here Italian dress}

{Maya and I at the bday Party} Before leaving for the party, I managed to add one more thing to my plate (no pun intended)

{Zucchini Chips. Just thinly slice zucchinis, brush with olive oil. bake 225 degrees for 2 hours}

Oh Ya! This week is spaghetti squash week! Maya is in for a treat!

How do you relax during your weekends.

Happy Relaxing!

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