Monday, August 6, 2012

Mamma took a nap!

A nap sounds good to any person, but when you are a mom, napping is a dream come true. However, this time, my weekend nap was the direct result of every ounce of energy evaporating from my body. Here is why...Maya fell from the changing table this Saturday.

Both Eric and I got distracted while standing right next to the dresser, and the next thing we see, is Maya turning and falling! I died. Those seconds of free falling seemed an eternity and while I was waiting for the end of the fall, every possible horrible scenario flashed in front of me. Will I see blood? Is her harm broken? Is the head smacked? is she conscious? As I said...I died!
As I hugged her to comfort her, she wrapped herself around me in the most tender embrace ever, as tears filled her chubby cheeks. Two seconds later, she was all smiles. But it took 30 minutes for my hands to stop shacking.  The event drained me so much that I had to take a nap! It was as if I had gone through an accident.

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