Thursday, August 9, 2012

I am no Hippie Mom....

....but I have my limits! Maya has been on solids since she was 5 months old. She is of a ....let's say...chunkier size and has no problem trying new foods. We started with squash, then sweet potatoes, then pumpkin, carrots, and green beans. We are now on peas. She also eats oatmeal cereal at night. But, I was reading the ingredient of the oatmeal cereal and it seemed that there was every single possible vitamin but no oats. So I thought....can I make my own? I called the pediatrician. PAUSE: Let's talk for a second about the pediatrician. If you are expecting, my suggestion is to go and interview different offices, to see which one fits your expectations. Our pediatrician's office is awesome. They have an advice nurse line...I call it all the time..mainly because Julie, my favorite call responder, is so sweet to talk to and she is always so encouraging. But anyway, I love the fact that they have an advice nurse line. Now back to homemade cereal. After I talked to Julie, and she said, YES! You can make your own cereal, I decided to make brown rice for Maya's dinner. I started with this:
I boiled it. and boiled it. and boiled it until it became mooshy mooshy. Then I placed in the food processor for some pulsing. Just to mash it a little bit. And it looked like this

 It was a fun process, and I did feel I was preparing something more nutritious for Maya. Of course, she loved it! The texture was something new, and you could totally see that her taste buds were on a discovery spree. She had fun!

Do you have a favorite home made baby food? 

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