Tuesday, August 7, 2012

....the happiest baby on earth..

...lives in my home! It is amazing how easy she has become. I wonder if someone came, while we were sleeping, and switched her. The first month of her life was not this easy, and now...the routine is in place, the laughs are plenty, and the moments of full love and pride are too many to count. Of course, you have to stop, pause and savor those moments. Too often we let the distractions get the best of us. One of my favorite moments of the day, is our morning ride to the daycare. We talk (I talk as if, sooner or later, she will answer by saying "yes, mom, I agree, I too think that this classical melody is beautiful"). We also say prayers, and I get a kick at the fact that she is still wondering how can she see my eyes through two mirrors.
{...mmmm...how can it be?} 

The rest of the day goes pretty much the same. work. work. work. home. play. nap (baby not me!)
And while she naps, we run like crazy to get things ready. Dinner. Maya's dinner. Maya's next day bag. Mommy's pump. Mommy's lunch. Dad's lunch..etc...etc...etc...Lat night on the menu? Black Quinoa with chipotle ground beef and veggies.

These little cubes are packed with flavor. There is no need to add salt or anything else. I used one cube.
Happy Monday!

How do you manage your daily chores while preparing for work?

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