Thursday, August 9, 2012

Doing it all!

It is amazing how fast time is flying. It seems like yesterday she was just born and now....she is sitting up, making noises, growing a personality and...filling our lives with never-before-felt-emotions.

{product alert: we love our seat cover. It is so plush and comfy, that makes you want to jump in it and get pushed around. Priced at $45(yikes!) it is a great purchase. It allows for less hassle while shopping as you don't have to bring the stroller with you ro the car seat} 

So, yesterday I got home early from work....but I did not pick up Maya. I decided to leave her at the day care so that I could take care of chores at home. Time is money right? Well, since we are paying for her time at daycare, I made sure I took advantage of the free time I had. And I ran! I was a busy bee!

Within an hour, I managed to vacuum the main floor, mop the floor, hang two new picture frames and prep for dinner...oh ya!...also sip on my favorite snack...cappuccino!
It is amazing how multitasking one becomes when motherhood kicks in. It is as if, a new gene is transplanted in the body. You become superwoman. SuperMom! Well, this super mom managed to make saffron chicken.
This is such an easy dish. Toss some chicken with onions, salt and pepper, saffron and lemon juice. Bake! TaDah! Yumminess. And since it is an oven dish...while it is cooking you can do the rest of the gazillion things on your list.

However, I do have a secret for doing it all... My secret is called...SuperDad! Once Maya gets home, we usually play for a while, we get chased by dad, and is dad and daughter time. Music is always playing in our home. Paul Simon, the Beatles, Reggae,  and even opera. The two of them dance until Maya rests her head on his shoulders and naps. While they are occupied in their "moment," I cook and prepare whatever needs to be done!

 {she fell asleep with Paul Simon}

Have you ever come home early from work and took care of chores in an incredibly super fast manner?

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