Friday, August 24, 2012

Rigid Routine or Flexible Schedule

Mamma's Reflections

The one thing your hear from the moment you hold your baby for the first time is...babies like routine. They should not call it routine. They should call it groundhog day! You basically live the same day over and over and over and over again, for months, after months, after months. It got me thinking! All this talk about routine...does it mean that we should give up every little bit of possible fun that we have left over? Are routines so important? Well, as a mother, I will tell you, YES! Routines are important if you want to keep some sanity. When you follow a routine, you know that the awaited hour of sleeping baby is fast approaching and that you will be able to enjoy passing out from exhaustion. So, yes, routines are good. BUT, I refuse to give up my life because of routines.Thankfully, Maya is very cooperative and allows us to go place and do things we enjoy. However, we are also mindful of her needs, and we will not kill ourselves if she goes to bed without her bath or if she eats a little bit earlier than usually or sleeps a little bit later than normal. Believe me, the routine will not be broken because of a couple of sidetracks. And so our lives go on, one groundhog day at a time.

What is for dinner?

During this past week, my routine involved some cooking. I was able to get home early every day and take care of chores, including the daily dinner, so that we could spend good quality time with Maya.
This is what it is has been on the menu.

{boneless, skinless chicken thighs with Turmeric, Salt, Pepper, Sauteed Red Onions, Tomato Sauce to give it some red color, and a side of Dill Persian Rice}
Thanks to the dinner prep, as soon as Maya and Eric arrived home, we were able to go and take a look at some cars. We need a bigger car.

A couple of days ago, I was finally able to tap into the bread mix I had bought from Ikea. The package looked good and the preparation was super easy. Add water and shake vigorously for 45 seconds. The result? See below!

{Can you see the various kernels? I love love love these types of breads and this was pretty good for being an Ikea packaged food}
Anyway, the previous day, I was able to make some Adas Polo ( Persian Dish) which turned out to be so yummy! Thanks to the large quantity, both Eric and I had lunch for the following day.

What is new with Baby Maya? 

Maya is going to be a foodie like her mom. She eats everything! Likes to try everything and is always curious about colors, textures and tastes. Recently, I gave her some cucumber to gnaw on. Boy she loved it! 

I think the coolness of the cucumber and the easy chewing texture soothed her gums!
Also baby Maya likes to sit up and look around. Here we are at Costco.

{Product Info: Maya is sitting on the Floppy Deluxe Seat Cover. It is awesome, and its plush lining keeps her warm everytime we are close to the refrigerated section of the grocery store. It is an expensive item, so make sure you get it on the baby shower list!}

Home Made Baby Food

As mentioned in another post, I try to stay away from already prepared food, and I make everything that Maya eats myself. I even made the oatmeal cereal so that she does not need to eat that powdery dust that looks like wood saw.  Plus, making your own food is so much cheaper and it makes you feel more accomplished.
Here is what you need:

{Place oatmeal in blender. Pulse to reach the coarse level you like.}

 I decided to leave some chunkier pieces so that Maya can have fun learning how to chew.
This is how it looks.

Store the oatmeal in a Tupperware container and keep it in your pantry for when you needed.

We are going on a picnic and hike this weekend.
This busy mom decided that a regular sandwich was not going to cut it!
 So she made Spicy Lemon Chicken wraps. 
Here is what you need:

Chicken breasts ( I Cubed it)
red pepper flakes
Olive oil
Lemon ( I added lime and a splash of balsamic Vinegar)
Frank's hot sauce
grape tomatoes
wraps ( I buy the whole wheat flat bread with no sugar added, from Costso)
field greens

Here is the marinade. More to come!


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