Thursday, August 16, 2012

longing for time together

If you are a mother, you probably count the minutes to the moment in which your little one wakes up, so you can snuggle with him/her, and you count the minutes to the moment you return home where you can wait for the return from day care. From the moment I arrive at work, I count the seconds until I get to go home. I usually arrive before Maya and Eric arrive, and it is always so much fun to hide behind the door, see how Maya looks around and then pop in front of her. There is always a moment of pause. As if her eyes need a second to focus on the person who is standing in front of her and then......BAM! A huge smile, legs banging, arms shaking, and the desire to talk! It is my absolute favorite moment. Nobody. Has. Ever. Been. So. Happy. To. See. Me! We then snuggle. Play. Change. and go out for a walk. Today this is what we saw.

We walked for an hour. It was such a perfect walk. It is such a wonderful feeling to have such a curious human being. Her stares and head turns make me notice things that have not noticed before or I had forgotten about!

Once at home, the evening routine began, except that we were about 30 minutes behind schedule. Thankfully, I am not strict with time. Maya and I stopped at our HOA meeting (probably the last time I ever go! They only argued!) While eating, and while Eric was feeding Maya, I managed to squeeze in a small art project! And the irony....melamine was used!

This is the easiest thing that everyone can do it! Melamine plate and a clock from Target! Less that $10! I will add a couple smaller plates soon but in the mean time....our dining room has a dressed clock!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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